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Department of Anesthesiology Resident Call Schedule
November 17 - December 14, 2003
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  Nov 17 Nov 18 Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 21 Nov 22 Nov 23
Team Captain Chiu Sharma Jooste Iravani Bauman Ahlert Chiu
ATC Villafane D Jones Diaz Heller K Jones Chapman Villafane
Resident Andrews Bauchat DelBroccolo Bagdonas Shetty Ding Andrews
Resident Wu Lu Eaton Shin Wu Ni Lu
short call Brodow Iravani Chisholm Co Houck Bauchat Daley
short call Heller * Jacob Manczur D Jones * Ehrlikh    
short call K Jones Ni Brodow Villafane Lu    
short call Bagdonas Shetty * Chang Guon Olechowski    
short call   Stuart Fujikake *        
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  Nov 24 Nov 25 Nov 26 ♫ Nov 27♫ Nov 28 Nov 29 Nov 30
Team Captain Houck Daley Manczur Sharma Vigna Fisher Houck
ATC Co Brodow Fujikake Chang D Jones Kim Brodow
Resident Eaton Ehrlikh Ni Bagdonas Bauchat Wecksell Ehrlikh
Resident Guon Olechowski Shin Stuart DelBroccolo Jacob Olechowski
short call Chang Jooste Iravani K Jones Chiu Guon Chisholm
short call Bagdonas Bauchat Co   Eaton    
short call Jacob * DelBroccolo Diaz   Shetty    
short call Stuart Wu *          
short call   Patel          
November 17 - December 14, 2003
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  Dec 1 Dec 2 Dec 3 Dec 4 Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 7
Team Captain Jooste Chisholm Daley Chiu Vigna Rumley Chisholm
ATC Diaz Co Villafane D Jones Brodow Ahn Diaz
Resident Patel Andrews Lyubarskaya Guon Lu Liu Johnston
Resident Wu Johnston Stuart Shetty Olechowski Eaton Lyubarskaya
short call D Jones Daley Chiu Co Chisholm Wu Jooste
short call Bagdonas Bauchat Houck Cassetta Andrews    
short call Lu DelBroccolo Jooste Ehrlikh * Johnston    
short call Ni * Eaton Brodow Jacob Patel    
short call   Shin * Diaz *        
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  Dec 8 Dec 9 Dec 10 Dec 11 Dec 12  Dec 13 *** Dec 14 ***
Team Captain Sharma Iravani Jooste Chisholm Iravani Jooste Ahlert
ATC Villafane Fujikake Co Brodow Gottlieb Ku Co
Resident Cassetta Bauchat Ni DelBroccolo Ehrlikh Pasamba Bagdonas
Resident Stuart Jacob Shetty Olechowski Patel Cassetta Shin
short call Ni Andrews Sharma Fujikake Villafane Andrews Sharma
short call Olechowski * DelBroccolo Diaz Eaton * Lyubarskaya    
short call Patel Lu * Gottlieb * Johnston Shetty    
short call Shin Wu D Jones Shin Stuart    
short call   Ehrlikh Villafane        
Senior Resident Weekday Call:  4pm-8am
Other Resident Weekday Call:  7am-7am Any call switch must first be approved by a Chief Resident
Resident Weekend Day and Holiday Call:  8am-8am *** Any call switch for this day must be approved by Dr. Silverstein
Resident Weekday Short Call:  7am-9pm
All Resident Weekend Day and Holiday Short Call:  only if needed
Resident LATE Weekday Short Call : 7am-11pm *